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I Bought two new tires from National Tire and Battery on 287 in Arlington TX and came back a two weeks later and they would not plug a small leak from a nail - it as it was about 1" from the sidewall. Well within the tread and they would not warranty the tire. I went down the street to another independant tire shop and for 10 bucks it was done. I'm done with the big box tire retailers - its a constant battle to get them to do their job anymore -...
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I didn't like
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  • Business practices
Merchants Tire, now NTB, on Millbrook road in Raleigh NC completely ripped me off! I took my car in for breaks and a starter and ended having nails in a tire, or so they said. THREE days later i got it back and the next morning the car wouldn't even start. I took it back yesterday and now I'm having it towed to AAA Car Care. To top it all off, the $103 tire didn't have a cap on the valve stem when i got it back..
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It was bad luck that i took my car to NTB SHOP located at terminal rd newington va for alignment check. Because they are offering so called free alignment check. But instead of checking alignment after having me wait for an hour their mechanic came and told me that one of bolt lever broke while opening it. The guy said that it was not screwed by the previous person correctly. They gave an estimate of $132 to replace it plus $124 for...
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National Tire And Battery Car Repair Review

Location is Hugh Howell, Stone Mountain, GA. Needed tire plugged. After waiting for an hour, worker told me it was unable to be plugged. Tried to sell me a new tire. Then said all my tires needed to be replaced. Dismissed everything he said, drove one mile to another tire shop, got tire plugged for $10.00. I guess he thought I was a ***, middle age female. Sucker!