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Last year (2011) around mid-end of October my fiancee's car needed new tires so we decided to get winter tires put on. After waiting an extra day from the one they said it would be for them to come in and having to call every time the shipment was supposed to come in, we got the tires installed. Fastforward about 2 weeks and one weekend trip to Cincinnati, about 3 hour drive, we stopped at lube stop for an oil change. The guy checking tire pressure suddenly says with a worried voice, "Your tires are on backwards." At the time I didn't know about directional tires but now I do. Turns out they had put one of the tires on turning the wrong way. Immediately we called NTB and they didn't seem too concerned or care about the fact that they installed a tire the wrong way. Really? They are national TIRE and battery... So after a stern phone call and them trying to get us to come in the next day in the evening they magically found 10mins to install the tire correctly.

This second part isn't really bad but just confirmed my doubts about ever going to ntb again... My fiancee ran over a nail and remembering the winter tire deal I went to good year first to see about a patch. They said it would be about 2 hours since they were pretty busy so I decided to stop by NTB and give them a shot. They look at the nail and the tire and realize they can't take the low profile tire off the rim since they don't have the right machine for it. Ended up needing a new tire so we bought two and had them installed. Surprisingly they came in at the time I was told and the store also called me to let me know and find out when I would like to come in to have them installed.

I can safely say unless I am in dire need of something I won't be stopping at NTB in Wadsworth, Oh again.

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