I have been a customer of NTB for many years through some ownership. I notice since the pandemic, the quality of work has diminished.

Furthermore, I have brought all my tires and long with alignment packages and balance and rotation packages on my vehicles and kid's vehicles total of 7 cars.

I noticed that tires were not rotated or balance because I would start marking tires with chalk.

I have bought the location knowledge, and they say that they are short-handed we can't watch everything. I have had tires come back over pressure and under pressure.

I have all my tires and rotated and balance along with alignment at every oil change.

I have a truck that I have new tires on it with, 70000-mile rating and I have taken the truck there for rotation and balance at every oil change.

Recently I need a flat repair and the gentlemen acting as the manager said my tires are completely worn out. The wear is from over inflation, which has been check and filled by the NTB.

When I said if they were worn out, that is telling me that NTB is not doing the work correctly for what I pay for, ripping off the customer. When I said that, the manager started making threats and said get out, I am not working on your truck leave now, or I will call the police.

I have called NTB escalation department and never received any call back from executive board or any District or regional managers.

I will be sending this letter to them and give them 10 days to respond before I forward this to my attorney and the state attorney office for possible investigation of fraud to the consumer.

Douglas Osterman r

User's recommendation: start marking tires.

Location: Centreville, Virginia

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